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Service Station

We provide a One Stop Shop for all service station equipment, offering an extensive range of products and services tailored to fulfill the diverse needs of a service station.

Currently constructing your new service station or thinking about it, then we should be your first choice

Our Products

From fuel dispensers, tanks, piping, submersible pumps, tank gauging and monitoring, lighting and more, we serve as a one-stop solution, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal customer experiences at service stations

Our Reputation

With a reputation built on quality, efficiency, and unwavering support, Bolivar Trading empowers service station owners to source everything essential for their business under a single, reliable umbrella.
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Service Station Equipment

Piping Systems

  • UPP (Polyethylene Flexible Pipe & Sumps)
  • APT (Flexible Pipe & Sumps)
  • OPW (Flexible Pipe & Sumps)
  • Rheomax (Large Diameter Pipe)
  • Brugg (Industrial)

Sumps and Manholes

  • APT
  • EBW
  • OPW\Fibrelite
  • Emco Wheaton
  • Petroleum Containment (PCI)

Fuel Dispensers & Parts

  • Wayne
  • Pump Measure Control (Marina Applications)

Fittings & Accessories

  • EBW
  • Flexing (Flexible Hoses)
  • OPW
  • Cimtek Filters
  • Continental Hoses
  • VST Hoses
  • Crouse Hinds (Explosion Proof Fittings)
  • iCON (Entry boot repair)
  • Emco Wheaton

Industrial Pumps & Meters

  • Liquiflo Pumps
  • Fillrite (Consumer Pumps/Meters)
  • Parker Pumps
  • Gorman Rupp (Centifugal Pumps)
  • Total Control Systems (Meters)


  • UPP Cable-Tight
  • Crouse Hinds
  • Powervar (Power Conditioners)
  • Sola (Power Conditioners)
  • Tradewinds (Generators)
  • SSDi (Electrical Panels)
  • Critical Fuel Systems (Generator Pumps/Controls)
  • Power Integrity

Air/Water Units & Reels

  • Excel Tire Gauges
  • Cox
  • Duro Reels
  • Ingersoll-Rand (Air Compressors)
  • Hannay Reels
  • JE Adams

Fuel Truck Accessories

  • APG (Evertite)
  • Dixon Bayco
  • PT Coupling
  • EBW Transport Equipment


  • Commercial Zone (Waste and Wipe Containers)
  • Kolor Kut (Water Finding Paste)
  • 3M (Spill Containment, Intercoms, & other)
  • QuikServ (Security Drawers)

POS/Pump Controllers

  • Alvic
  • Wayne Fusion


  • Containment Solutions (Fiberglass)
  • Plasteel (Jacketed Steel)
  • Highland Tank (LPG, Industrial)

LED Price Signs

  • Numeritex

Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs)

  • FE Petro

Inventory Management/Leak Detection

  • Incon
  • ProGauge

Lighting and Imaging

  • LSI


  • Lane Supply

Lube Equipment & Lifts


Service Station Catalog

Download our latest Petroleum Equipment Catalog for a more in depth review of our products

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