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Petroleum Services

Bolivar Trading has a well established history of supplying petroleum equipment used in retail gas stations. We have supplied piping and forecourt equipment in numerous stations throughout Latin America. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete product line needed to complete a retail petroleum station.

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Development of Piping Layouts

Through interaction with the customer, we can develop detailed piping layouts showing product, vent, remote fill and vapor recovery.

Photometric Drawings

Based on entrance/exit, C-Store location, canopy location, and minimum lighting requirements, a site-specific photometric drawing can be developed showing recommended locations of yard lighting.

Detailed Material Take-offs

Items taken from a “Master Spreadsheet” with agreed on pricing. This ensures that pricing is set and standardizes equipment package for all countries using a given standard design.

Product Knowledge and Expertise

Our staff is ready to assist our customers with any questions regarding technical specifications, parts, equipment and material requirements.  This ensures that our customers receive the appropriate products for their business needs.

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