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Bolivar Trading has a long and successful history of working in the Petroleum Industry, and we have a well-trained in-house staff knowledgeable in design and product use for all areas of our business focus.


Standards Knowledge

Bolivar Trading has a history of developing an in-depth knowledge of customer design standards to help direct the local engineers in the right direction (Gatekeeper).

Consolidation - “One-stop Shop”

Cost savings
• Reduced freight costs by sending goods at one time
• No need for customers to warehouse goods in-country, as they are ordered per project.
• Customer's internal procurement resources can be reduced by relying on one source to handle the process.
• Bolivar Trading can pool the buying power from handling purchases of numerous customers ensuring that competitive pricing is obtained.
Time savings
• By sharing forecasts with manufacturers, lead time on long lead time items can be reduced.
Coordination benefits
• Customers can rely on one source to coordinate purchasing from numerous vendors reducing the coordination effort of the customer.


Bolivar Trading handles all shipping documents, ensuring timely receipt of documents for customs clearance.  We will also translate all invoices and sales orders into Spanish if necessary to avoid expensive translation services from customs.


Bolivar Trading takes extreme care in checking and re-checking merchandise to ensure that the correct item is sent to the customer complete and in full working order.

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